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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

With every breath be aware that you are loved and never alone.

You CAN learn a new way to live before God

CaPracticing the Presence of Godn you imagine walking through your day always being aware of the presence of God? Wouldn't this change your way of thinking, relating, habits and conversations? Do you think you might experience more peace, hope and joy?

You can't be in the presence of the Lord and come away unchanged.

This is not prayer, this is learning to live before Him and with Him as you would with a friend. He will always be there to talk to, ask a question of; just joy in being with Him but the point is to learn to live before Him. And that will change your life.

In His Presence is a simple spiritual discipline that can change your life and your relationship with God! Just as being with someone you love is sweet and exciting and peaceful so it can be with you and the Lord.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and this habit will revolutionize your life

    * You know those habits you hate? Watch them start to disappear

    * You know how good it feels in God's presence on Sunday? Start to feel this everyday.

    * You know how others seem to have an intimate relationship with Christ? You can too

    * You know that tug God places in your heart? Start to follow it now.

Practice the Presence of God is available immediately as a downloadable ebook for only $12. You could start learning to live in His presence right now.

Being with someone you love is sweet and exciting and peaceful and so it can be with you and the Lord.

As you learn to always be aware that the Lord is with you, your viewpoint, way of thinking, actions and attitudes will all start to transform.

My guarantee

If you order In His Presence and don't find it helpful in bringing God's presence into your life just let me know and I will refund your money.

I want you to be whole and free and know the love of Christ!

This is why I write these books. The fee covers my time away from my job so that I can write and the costs of running this site - it doesn't make me rich. So, if this book doesn't help you to grow and move closer to the Lord then I absolutely want to give you back the cost of the book.

Practicing the Presence of GodI know if you seek after God you will find Him.  If you pursue a deeper relationship with Him He will take you deeper. If you desire to center your life around Him then He will bring you peace and intimacy and joy with Him. Our God is good and I want you to know Him fully.

I want you to know the joy of being in the presence of God. If this ebook doesn't help you to do that then I want to give you back the purchase price so you can find a different resource that will help you.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

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Practicing the Presence of God

         I just completed the 21 day Presence of God series. CHANGED MY LIFE! Literally by the second day I was acutely more aware of his very presence. I have been unemployed for awhile now and this series gave me such solace.

Through this workbook I know and live PHI 4:6, and I have a peace that passes all my understanding.

         Knowing that he is concerned and very present, I am not alone, and he is my very present help. The knowledge of this... WOW!

         I will never forget what this has done for me. My walk is forever changed. Thank you and God Bless you.

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              Just Imagine Being Able To:

    * Know that God is with you wherever you go

    * Have peace in the midst of hard circumstances

    * Have the deep and intimate relationship with God your desire

    * Alleviate anxiety and fear

    * Experience life with Christ