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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

New Creation Same Old StuffYou are saved, go to church, are told that you are a new creation.

You try to live a good Christian life and, yet, you keep doing things that you don't want to do.  

Sound familiar?

Even Paul talked about not doing what he wanted to do and doing what he didn't want to do.  This is not a new problem but there is an answer.

You don't have to keep living in frustration

You can try harder. You can make resolutions. You can have accountability partners and pray alot and read a lot in order to stop thinking and acting in ways that burden you but you will not gain victory until you finally understand.

What? Who you are - in Christ. I mean who you really are as a new creation and what that really means for daily living. Knowing this truth will change your life and bring you victory.

New Creation/Same Old Stuff

is a study in becoming and living the new you

What does it mean that you are a New Creation? Well, you will have to read the book to fully understand but let me tell you that what God has done in you through His Son Jesus is nothing less than incredible.

And knowing and understanding this miracle in you will bring you amazing freedom.

This ebook will answer these questions and more:

  - If the truth sets you free why aren't you free?

  - Are you a sinner saved by grace?

  - Is your heart wicked and deceitful?

  - Is being a Christian about living a good life?

  - Is your heart prone to wander?

  - Are you powerless to keep from sinning?

  - Why shouldn't you be afraid of spiritual warfare?

And this ebook will show you:

  - What life is like trusting God

  - Why you want relationship not religion in your life

  - How to experience God

  - How to let God grow fruit in your life

  - Ways to live with fallen people in a fallen world

  - Tactics for spiritual warfare

  - Walking with Truth Himself

And so much more.

Understand why you do what you don't want to do

and how you can overcome this

You are not powerless over the sin in your life.  I know it feels that way at times but let me show you how to have victory in your life.  

You will be able to finally understand what is causing you to do those things you really don't want to AND you will now be able to do something about it.  

Really know what it means to be a new creation

Do you feel like a new creation?  Do you know what it means to truly be made new?  Well, I am going to explain to you exactly what it means to be a new creation.  It is your source of power.  It is your place of worship.  It is where the Lord resides in you and so much more!

Learn to live in the freedom of the new creation

You can learn what it means that you are a new creation and how to break free of doing the same old stuff you hate to truly live out the new person you are.

My guarantee

If you order New Creation, Same Old Stuff and don't find it helpful in finally understanding who you are in Christ, how to live out the true you and control your flesh then I will refund your money.

I want you to know the amazing thing God has done making you a new creation.  I want you to understand that you don't have to do the "same old stuff" anymore but live in victory just as Christ has promised.

New Creation Same Old StuffThis is why I wrote this book, why I write all my books. The book fees covers my time away from my job so that I can write and the costs of running this site - it doesn't make me rich nor do I want to be. I do want you to be rich in your knowledge of and relationship with God. So, if this book doesn't help you to grow and move closer to the Lord then I absolutely want to give you back the cost of the book.

I want you to know the joy of understanding who you are in Christ. If this ebook doesn't help you to do that then I want to give you back the purchase price so you can find a different resource that will help you.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

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New Creation/Same Old Stuff

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