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Marriage and Family Issues

Marriage and Family IssuesA lot goes on in marriage and in a family.  The issues that can be addressed seem almost endless but always they mirror back to us what is going on inside us individually.

In marriage and family relationship we see reflected back to us where we are like Christ and not like Him.  Marriage and family issues mirror back to us both the good and the not so good and always point us to where we need to grow.  

The Perfect Growth Opportunity

Every part of being in our marriage and family relationships is an opportunity for us to grow and to be transformed.  Sometimes that growth comes painfully and with great difficulty. But our God is good all the time and He created family as a means for us to both grow and to bring Him glory.

Approach all of your marriage and family issues with this attitude and watch those issues transform you.  Look at your marriage and family and ask Christ to walk with you in it to love and serve as He does.  Ask Him to use them as your vehicle for change and don’t be afraid of the journey.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

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