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Is Your God Too Small?

To know your needs?  

To hear your cries and help you?  

Is He too small to trust as you move through hard times?  

Is He too small to make a difference in your heart and your life?

If so, then you need to know the true God.

Who is God?  What is He like?  How does His holiness and power and goodness and all of His other attributes impact your life?  

Knowing God changes everything

Not knowing who you think He is but who He says that He is.  Truly knowing God means that you aren’t praying to a god you’ve made up or you thought was true but really understanding Him so when you pray, when you move through your day, when hard times show up you absolutely know Who is with you and rest in His presence.  

Knowing God changes your life.

Know joy.

Be freed from fear.

Experience rest and peace in the midst of troubles.  

Find meaning and purpose for every moment of life.

Have complete confidence that your life is controlled by a good God,

Be lovingly guided by your Father and Savior and Friend for your eternal  

Every circumstance then becomes an opportunity for worship and faith and you can actually walk through that valley of the shadow of death fearlessly and be comforted in His presence and His goodness.

Is Your God Too Small? is an ebook that will change your life.

You know that life can come at you hard.  You turn to God but is your understanding of Him too small to help in your time of need?  It doesn't have to be.  This ebook will go into great depth to tell you of your God.  

Your faith will be enlarged

Your heart will be comforted

You will find yourself in awe of Him and more ready to worship

Would you like to know God in a way that impacts your daily life, that truly makes a difference in your daily life?  Knowing God brings wisdom for living and peace in the midst of strife.

Order this downloadable ebook and  start right now to learn of this God that knows the number of hairs on your head.

My guarantee

If you order Is Your God Too Small? and don't find it helpful in expanding your knowledge of God and your faith in Him just let me know and I will refund your money.

I want you to know our wonderful God so well that you trust Him no matter what is going on in your world. I want you to be able to find rest in the knowledge of our Holy God and joy in His presence.

This is why I wrote this book, why I write all my books. The book fees cover my time away from my job so that I can write and the costs of running this site - it doesn't make me rich nor do I want to be. I do want you to be rich in your knowledge of and relationship with God. So, if this book doesn't help you to grow and move closer to the Lord then I absolutely want to give you back the cost of the book.

I know if you seek to understand God He will give you understanding.  If you desire to know Him better He will take you deeper in your relationship with Him. If you desire to center your life around Him then He will bring you peace and intimacy and joy with Him. Our God is good and I want you to know Him and HisStory fully.

I want you to experience the joy of the knowledge of God. If this ebook doesn't help you to do that then I want to give you back the purchase price so you can find a different resource that will help you.

Start right now

Is Your God Too Small?Don’t wait another day to find out that your God is not too small. This is an instantly downloadable digital book so you can start immediately to go deeper in your knowledge of our holy God and deeper in your life in Him.  And that means you will experience a drastic change resulting in peace and faith.

$12 is all it will cost you to start changing your life.  Order here.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

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Is Your God Too Small?

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