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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

II believe believe that

    * - There is no other God then the God of the Bible. He is the creator of everything and there is no other God but Him

    * - The Bible was written by God and is how He has chosen to make Himself and His will known

    * - The Bible tells us of God's love for mankind, holds the truth we need for salvation, is the key to daily life with Him, transforming our hearts as we live out what we discover in it

    * - Jesus is God in the flesh, come to provide a way to be at peace with God and to set us free from the power of sin and death

    * - When we accept by faith Christ's freely given sacrifice for us we are created anew and His Spirit comes to live in us and through us

    * - As believers we are created anew and free from the power, but not presence, of sin in our lives

    * - We can't earn God's favor, it is His gift of grace to us

    * - Satan is real and is the enemy of God and all that He loves, but his power is only in the lies he causes people to believe. In the end, he will be destroyed with a word from the mouth of the Lord

    * - We daily have a choice to follow God by faith, trusting Him no matter the circumstances of our lives

    * - The church is not a corporation, an institution or a building but the living, breathing body of Christ that is to bring the good news of salvation through Christ to the world and love and live and serve as He did

    * - It is in a love relationship with the Lord that we are transformed and brought into obedience to God in our lives

    * - We are to be followers of Christ and help others to become the same

    * - Jesus Christ is coming again and all that are His will live with Him forever

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

Statement of Faith

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