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God-breathed WordGod's Word changes us from the inside out

You can study about Scripture, you can learn about theology, historical and cultural references and even ancient languages but it is only the interaction of the Word of God itself in our hearts and minds that brings deep, lasting, eternal change in us.

Interacting with Scripture is a discipline that causes us to slow down and hear God speak through His Word.

It is not a mystical, magical process but a deliberate communication with our God through His method of speaking to us - His Word. It is our acknowledgement that we believe that the Word IS alive and will change us.

So, we come to the word of God so that it will judge our hearts and minds and by it we will be conformed and transformed as we renew our minds to the truth of the Word

God-Breathed uses an old spiritual discipline called, Lectio Divina (pronounced "lexio"), or "divine reading." It is a way of interacting with the text of Scripture and with Christ in a conversational and transformational way.

It is a very old spiritual discipline and is actually a method of prayer that leads us into a deeper meaning of the Word as well as transforms our lives.

Cultivating our relationships with Christ.

As in every relationship there is listening and talking, silence and reflection and it is the same here as we enter into a dialogue with Christ through His Word.

God-Breathed will help you to meet Him on the pages of Scripture listening for His prompting to a deeper understanding and gentle invitation toward transformation and relationship with Him.

You can learn to interact with the Word

There are four parts to this spiritual discipline but they are not difficult.  In this ebook you will learn to slow down and use these four parts to interact with the Lord through His Word and for your life.

Purchasing this ebook will give you a guide for the process and provide Scriptures to work through. There are 21 different Scripture passages designed to help you to learn how to meet with the Lord and allow His Word to transform you.

My guarantee

If you order God-breathed and don't find it helpful in dialoguing with the Lord through His Word then just let me know and I will refund your money.

I want you to learn to meet with the Lord in His Word!  He has much to tell you.

This is why I write these books. The ebook fee covers my time away from my job so that I can write and the costs of running this site - it doesn't make me rich. So, if this book doesn't help you to grow and move closer to the Lord then I absolutely want to give you back the cost of the book.

I know if you seek God in His Word then you will find Him.  If you pursue a deeper relationship with Him He will take you deeper. If you desire to center your life around Him then He will bring you peace and intimacy and joy with Him.

Our God is good and I want you to know Him fully.

I want you to know the joy of the living Word. If this ebook doesn't help you to do that then I want to give you back the purchase price so you can find a different resource that will help you.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

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The God-Breathed Word of God

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