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A counseling intensive will bring you true healing and freedom and in just days - not years.

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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

Books by Kim West PhD, M.Div.

Is your God too small?

…to handle your life, know your needs, make wrongs right, to care for you, to be with you always?

If so, you need to know the true God.

Learn the attributes and character of God and how this knowledge is the essential part of your being able to walk in daily victory.

This ebook will be your foundation for a true and intimate relationship with God. Every other part of your life builds from this knowledge and defines the path of your life.

Pleasured and Pressured - 30 lies Satan uses to separate you from God

If the truth sets us free then lies are how you are imprisoned.  And, if you don’t know the lies that you believe then how can you ever break free and walk in victory?

Deception is the evil one’s main game.  It is how he controls our lives and directs our behavior.  It separates us from God and leaves us feeling imprisoned and helpless.

But, you can learn to identify the lies that are active in your life and how exactly to break free of them.  You can be delivered from the grip of deception and walk in freedom.

Be empowered through this ebook and break free!

New Creation/Same old stuff - how to finally live a victorious life

Are you feeling defeated?  You hear how you are a new creation but you keep acting out sinful behaviors?  You could keep working hard at changing or you could learn the change that has already happened in you and how to live it!

Learn what it means that you are a new creation and how to break free of doing the same old stuff you hate to truly live out the new person you are.

This ebook is not to be missed.  You need to know who you truly are or the rest of your life will be more of the same - trying to make your life work and not succeeding.

Learn your true identity and then live it out in joyful, powerful, God-glorifying days.

Balancing Act - a guide to stability in a tilted world  

Let’s face it, most of us feel that we are teetering on the edge some days.  We are pulled in so many directions and have so many stresses that we can barely keep our balance on the best of days.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Taking one area of life at a time, you will learn to center your life in Christ.  With Him at your center everything then becomes easier to prioritise, simpler to manage, more peaceful inside and out.

Career, finances, relationships, health, personal development and so much more – let’s put it all together theologically and center all of your life in Christ.  Learn to walk in peace no matter what storm comes your way.

The Bible Explained - sixty-six books, one story - understood

Tired of opening the Bible and not truly understanding what is going on?  Not sure of the people, events, prophecies and God’s plan or where you even fit into all of this?  Let me explain the big picture of Scripture so that you will never again feel lost in the Word.

There are sixty-six books but only one story in the Bible.  It all fits together in an amazing, incredible way.  Do you know it?  I was so excited to write this ebook.  I know it will answer many questions and get you excited about God about being a part of God’s great design.

After reading this ebook you will not only know who and what and when but what is coming next and how you fit into His amazing Story.

Ebooks for learning and growth

Devotional ebooks for a deeper walk with God

Practicing the Presence of God

In His Presence - daily with-God living

Can you imagine walking through your day always being aware of the presence of God? Would this change your way of thinking, relating, your habits and conversations? Do you think you might experience more peace, hope and joy?

What would it feel like if with every breath you were aware that you were loved and never alone? Practicing the presence of God is a simple spiritual discipline that can change your life and your relationship with God!

This ebook can be purchased or you get receive it for free in exchange for joining my mailing list.  Either way this book, this way of living, will change your life.

Simplicity - making space for God

Our lives feel cluttered, busy, overwhelming. We can't seem to make them slow down so we can find a place to rest. We long for simplicity but don't know where to start and so we keep running from the time we get up until we go to bed.

In this spiritual discipline of Simplicity you will learn, one day at a time, to start to take back your life.

You will see how to simplify your environment, time, relationships, thinking, possessions, emotions, body and finances and to have all of them centered in your life in Christ.  This devotional is practical, thoughtful and life-changing, and, if you are like most of us, it is truly needed.

God-breathed - real conversations with God

The Word of God is alive, God-breathed to us, and able to transform.  

When we read the Word of God we are learning about Christ and about ourselves in Him.  We discover the truth and then can take that truth into our very core.

The process in this ebook is a way to allow the living and active Word to work with your heart and help you to become more like Him.

This is a spiritual discipline that will help you to learn to interact with the Word and then to be transformed by it.

Silence and Solitude - come away with God

You meant to spend time with God but the day was so busy. Maybe you even fit a devotion or Bible reading in but never had the time to just sit and be with God.

Here you will learn to come away and be still with God starting with just one minute each day and then adding another minute every day until we have learned to be at peace alone with God no matter how much time you have.

Teach your mind to focus on God, to let go of the cares of the day and be quiet with the eternal One through Silence and Solitude.