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Individual Counseling IntensiveCan you be healed in a weekend? Absolutely!!

A counseling intensive will bring you true healing and freedom and in just days - not years.

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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

Individual Intensive

Most people I see in an individual counseling intensive have extensive wounds from their past.  These wounds have never healed and effect their everyday life and relationships to such an extent that they are unable to lead a healthy, normal life.

I have never seen our Lord fail to bring healing during an individual intensive!  Even those with deep, traumatic wounds find that our God can undo the worst that they have experienced.

Each person that comes to an individual intensive leaves not only healed but with a new relationship with Christ that is real, intimate, joyful and filled with hope.  

Sexual abuse, trauma, loss, PTSD, abuse and more are no match for the power of our God’s ability to heal and bring freedom.  No one has to remain with wounds and chains because Christ came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free.

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~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

Christian Intensive Counseling

Marriage Intensive Counseling Intensive

A marriage counseling intensive is for a marriage that is in crisis. This couple has perhaps tried counseling but meeting once a week while having all the responsibilities and stresses of life present often means that the counseling is more like two steps forward and one back every week without any real progress.

Coming away from the world to focus exclusively on the marriage can be the make or break solution.  During the intensive nothing can interfere with the process and no one can hide, or not participate. There is time to address every issue, hurt and problem.

I’ve seen the Lord heal many marriages in an intensive but after the intensive it is advisable for the couple to continue therapy in order to practice what they have received and to continue to learn new ways of being together to ensure lasting results.

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Christian Intensive Marriage Counseling

Counseling Intensives

Imagine being healed and set free in a weekend. How would your life be different?

The majority of people who need counseling will meet with a counselor weekly for a short amount of time. Some people, however, will benefit greatly from a focused time of counseling lasting much longer than a normal session in order to obtain deep inner healing in Christ. These “intensives” take emotional healing to a whole different level. And, it happens very quickly.

Counseling intensives are for those who have very deep wounds, sexual abuse or trauma, PTSD, severe anxiety, are in crisis and/or have long and deep pain.

These individuals benefit from spending a great deal of time in one weekend working on these issues in order to get the most healing done in the shortest amount of time.

In a counseling intensive a lot can be accomplished quickly. Counseling over a longer period of time would leave the person in crisis and pain too long - much like being in surgery for months.  But, this deep, inner healing can absolutely happen in a weekend.

All the attention is placed on the healing with no other life distractions during an intensive.  Hour after hour healing happens and freedom comes. The inner parts of the wounded heart are brought to Christ in order to receive true healing and lasting freedom.  

Intensives are for both individuals and couples and the commonality is that there is either crisis or long-term issues that need to be addressed.

Does this sound like your situation? He is able and He is ready to heal you too. You just need to decide that it is time.

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