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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

I have had the privilege of offering Christian marriage counseling to many couples and almost all of them have turned their marriages around.Christian Marriage Counseling

Some have come to me either separated and heading for court or just about to file divorce papers. They came with a sense of obligation to at least make a show of trying and with little hope. What they found was that we have a God of restoration.

Your marriage is not too far gone

No matter what has happened, no matter how deep the hurts, no matter how intense the conflicts, your marriage can be healed and restored. Not only that, your marriage can become thrilling and amazing and better than you had ever imagined.

I know you may think it sounds impossible, but our God is a God of the impossible and I have witnessed Him do the impossible time and again.

Good marriages can become great ones

Maybe your marriage isn't "all that bad" but it lacks true oneness and you feel it could be better. Perhaps you've seen other couple who do' seem to have that something you feel is missing in your marriage. Christian marriage counseling isn't just for marriages that are in trouble, it is also for those wishing to go deeper in their relationship and life together in Christ.

Don't settle for anything less than a fantastic marriage - because it is available to you.

I had a not so great marriage, now it is fantastic

I have been married for 40 years. We went through the early years not understanding how to love one another. We had no real communication and conflict skills. We hurt each other and disappointed each other and grieved the dream of a good marriage.

Now, our marriage is better than I ever believed possible. I have learned a lot through the years about how to love as Christ does in my marriage. I understand how to communicate, how to have healthy conflict, how to honor and serve one another while still being true to God's design for each person. I have learned a lot through study, both in school and in life, through working with many couples and through a life devoted to Christ and I share all this with the couples I counsel.

Contact me and let's talk about your marriage.

Every week a new couple calls me to starGreat Christian Marriaget Christian marriage counseling. Every week I see the Lord work in their hearts and restoration start to happen. It is my passion to help these couples experience what God has in store for them in a marriage. It could happen for you too.

Go to the contact page and I will get back with you within 24 hours. We can talk about restoring your marriage and how you can expect great things from our God.

Although I’m based in Arizona, I meet with couples all over the world through Skype so wherever you are located is not too far away.

Counseling sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes and $150. You can book an appointment and pay for your appointments securely through this link.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

Christian Marriage Counseling

We are so blessed in our marriage now, its incredible what has been cleared from our weary eyes. The new approach on life and marriage has been truly amazing. Just to catch you up, we have been doing awesome.

Olivia and I just got back from Hawaii on Saturday; we went just the 2 of us and celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Its amazing the way God works, I really thought my marriage was done last year.

Thank you so much for your dedication to our marriage, you really pushed for us to seek the marriage that God had planned for us. Olivia and I always tell any of our friends if they are fighting or at each others throats, you have to call Kim West. I have had a sit down with 3 of my friends and told them; even if you want your marriage to run smoother you have to call her.

Olivia and I don?t really fight any more, we argue nicely and make it healthy for the relationship. I feel like I'm in high school again I have fallen in love with Olivia again, this time we have concrete walls holding up our foundation not straw!!

We figured it was over and we'd just go to counseling to see if we could work through a "good" divorce for the sake of the kids. What happened was absolutely amazing! We came through counseling so excited about our relationship with God and really excited about our marriage. It is sooooo much better than we ever thought it could be! Everyday we are amazed at what God has done in us.

Kim is a gifted counselor and without her we'd be divorced today. She worked with us, taught us, really listened and showed us how to make our marriage work. Plus, she didn't let us get away with anything. She spoke truth to us, but with love. We are so thankful for her and we are able now to thank God for our great marriage.

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