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Individual Counseling IntensiveCan you be healed in a weekend? Absolutely!!

A counseling intensive will bring you true healing and freedom and in just days - not years.

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Solutions Christian Counseling - Kim West PhD, M.Div.

A Christian marriage counseling intensive is a 4-day weekend where you come away from your daily life and its obligations in order to be focused entirely on healing your marriage.

What can I expect?

You can expect a safe, non-jugmental environment. My place is not to judge you but to help you heal your marriage.

You can expect me to be honest with both of you and not take sides. My focus is on the marriage being restored and I will be impartial as we work together. I will be challenging both of you in areas such as your communication and conflict skills and the dynamics between you. We will bring up those old hurts and the score card you keep. We will not leave until you are able to forgive and be forgiven.

You can also expect a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord as one of the outcomes of an intensive. The Lord is the one who does the healing and He will be present with us. As He starts to restore you and your marriage you can't help but grow in your love relationship with Him.

You can expect to leave the intensive with every opportunity to continue building on the work we have done and that the healing you experience will be permanent and amazing.

What is a typical schedule?

Typically, we arrive in the late afternoon, get settled in and then have our first counseling session. There is no time limit on the sessions during an intensive so we might work for an hour, three, or more. We take breaks as you need them and for meals and rest but the majority of the time we are working together so Christ can bring complete healing to your hearts and marriage.

The counseling intensive schedule:

Thursday  3 PM - PM                    

Friday 9 AM - 9 PM   

Saturday 9 AM - 9 PM      

Sunday 9 AM -11 AM   

It is also available to have your intensive during the week instead of over a weekend.               

Is a Counseling Intensive Right for You?

Intensives work best for couples who:

- are currently in crisis

- feel distant from one another and don't know how to reconnect

- those who want to make significant progress in the least amount of time

- those who are ready for their marriage to be healed and restored. Weekly counseling does work well for some couples but for others they absolutely need intensive help right now in order to stop the downward motion and get them back on track.

What is included in the intensive?

Besides my undivided attention and help during the four day intensive you will also receive:

    - a phone or video counseling session with each spouse before the intensive

    - all counseling sessions during the intensive

    - resources and materials to be used during the intensive

    - any necessary testing prior to the intensive

    - all meals during the intensive

    - four follow-up phone or video counseling sessions to ensure your success

What is the cost for the marriage intensive?


I realize that a marriage intensive is not inexpensive but think of it as an investment that will pay you back for the rest of your lives. What is it worth to you to have a restored marriage and a hopeful future and be able to celebrate that for years to come?

When you book your consultation we will discuss whether or not an intensive is right for you and the costs for our time together.

How do we decide if this is right for us?

Our first phone consultation is at no cost to you. We will talk a bit and see if an intensive is the best option for your marriage. This will help me to understand you and your issues before we begin. I don't want to waste any time when we get there so we do a bit of work on the front end.

It's a big decision to make so let's talk about it and see if this will be how God wants you to get your marriage healed and free.

Use the Contact Form so I can reach you and we will see if a Christian Marriage intensive is right for you.

~ In Christ, Dr Kim West

Intensive Christian Marriage Counseling

Here's is what is required for a successful marriage intensive:

- a 100% commitment to do your part of the work

- a humble heart before God that is ready to admit your part in the problem

- a readiness for your marriage to be healed and restored

- faith that our God is ready and able and willing to help you

And the two shall become one.

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Christian Marriage Intensive

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